Mar 23

Networking on Twitter Can Yield Fruit

Twitter is used for a variety of reasons. From a business perspective, it can do more than just market goods and services. It can be a great conduit to network with like-minded individuals, which can also lead to interesting results.

One example of this can be found in one of the OneForAll Social founder’s Twitter account. As an avid science fiction and fantasy reader, he has a book collection that is larger than most. As a diversion, he was posting book covers and little snippets about each book on his account. When he got to the Buck Rogers section, he put up a cover and noted that a now defunct company (TSR) tried to reboot the franchise. The front cover of the book said that the company had commissioned some artwork as part of the reboot. He searched Google and found that the artwork was never released. This led him to post this information on his Twitter feed along with the book cover, lamenting that the artwork was never released.

One of his followers saw that post, and happened to know the artist who was called out by name. The follower contacted that artist who still had the art and put it out on his page! How is that for social networking!

How does this help your business? Simply put, if clients need something you don’t offer, it can help you meet those needs quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

All of this was accomplished the simple act of two people finding the right other people with whom to follow and interact. How is that done for marketing and networking needs?

  • Follow people in the same profession/with similar interests.
  • Use Twitter search to find people with similar jobs/interests.
  • Take advantage of the “who to follow” section on the home page.
  • Look at who follows brands/people similar to yours/you.
  • Use keywords from your posts in Twitter search.

Finding proper Twitter topics to follow.

Twitter does permit you to follow specific topics. This is a way to find those hidden accounts that will be beneficial in your networking needs.

Twitter makes this a little easier than some of the other Social Media Platforms because of its open follow model. Facebook and some others require people to approve you to follow/interact with them. Twitter is unique in that any user can interact with any other user (except those who have flagged their account as private, which is rare on this platform).

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