About Us


We are obsessed with efficiency. From business processes, to automation, to infrastructure design, it’s all we think about. We not only know, but more importantly, we have seen business performance increase exponentially when process improvement and automation come together to unlock underutilized resources.

Today, unlike any other time in the information age, small to middle market companies can access affordable, custom software solutions that historically have been available exclusively to larger, more highly capitalized organizations.

Agile development methodologies and open-source software have democratized the field of custom software. Basal Smart Solutions understands this opportunity creates a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to seize competitive advantage, reduce operating costs and deploy CapEx budgets more strategically.

With Basal Smart Solutions, you get a partner that focuses on the small details so your team can focus on the big ones.

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Let’s make your business run more efficiently. Together.

We are here to help expand your business with the right online tools.